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Free Shipping Across USA | Get 10% Off On Your First Order!
Free Shipping Across USA | Get 10% Off On Your First Order!

Succor is a premium leather brand from the house of Midson International (A Midson Group Company). Over the years, Midson International has mastered the art of Sourcing, Manufacturing and Exporting and Distributing goods.

Our excellent relationship within the supply chain allows us the opportunity to offer the highest quality leather products at the lowest possible prices. Succor is committed to creating luxury fashion 100% genuine leather products that radiate simplicity and elegance. With Headquarters in New Delhi, India, Succor has made a substantial niche in the mature markets of the UK, US and Canada.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail while using the finest materials and expert craftsmanship. To never compromise on the world-class quality of our products, we ensure that we visit our factories every year and are proud of their working conditions and standards.

Our Mission

To bring a sense of pride, delight and superior lifestyle to the new age professionals of the world with our innovative and trendy products.

Our Vision
  • To create & design, to set trends & stay ahead
  • To provide best-value products and services to global customers
  • To make our customers proud in using our brand
  • To add value to the quality of life of our stakeholders, be it our partners, customers and employees.

Integrity: We do what we say.

Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction: We deliver what you expect.

Accountability: We stand responsible for our actions.

Team Work: Togetherness is our mantra.

Innovation: Achieving excellence through Innovation.

Growth: Committed towards inclusive growth for customers, Investors and our people.

Philosophy: While most businesses talk about money and growth only, Midson International believes they all are automatic by product of committed team work and integrity. Midson International believes in creating long lasting relationships committed for contributing to each other.

Finally, the main foundation of our company is our values. Our company’s values come from the quality of our products and our exemplary supply chain.

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