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What are RFID wallets and how can they help from cyber thefts?

What are RFID wallets and how can they help from cyber thefts?

In the last few years technology has paced fast like never before and this has shaken the course of lives for good. However, with the good comes the bad. Therefore, whereas on one hand we have grown exponentially in terms of technology, on the other hand there have been major setbacks in cyber threats like privacy invasion, security issues, online thefts, etc. RFID is just another digital theft that enables someone to skim our credit cards without our permission or without physically touching them.

Radio Frequency Identity Transmission (RFID), is a way of skimming information from RFID equipped credit cards and comes under digital theft. In order to read the information on your cards, your cards must be RFID- enabled. With this technology, the data can be read from a distance.

Furthermore, the information can be transferred or rewritten on a new blank card which would then be capable enough to work in the same manner as the original card was. As the card is the same and works just as the original card used to work, even the encrypted data can not protect your money. Moreover, this violation is not just limited to cards but also passports, as they too can be read remotely and wirelessly.

RFID Wallets

Now that the general public is aware of the breach that could take place anywhere, to protect their identity and sensitive information, people need wallets that can protect them from digital theft.

One way of protecting your cards from RFID cyber thefts is by using an RFID blocking wallet ( or pouch, sleeve). Using electromagnetic enclosure technology called faraday cage along with the best quality leather exports in RFID wallets one can block the RFID signals.

This technology’s basic motive is to protect the card from the electric charges by making the credit card electromagnetically opaque which can be done by distributing the electromagnetic radiation and charges around the exterior of the cage.

Wallets like these are the need of the hour, just so that cyber thefts like these can be reduced. Ensuring RFID protection does affect the material, space, or compartments of your wallet. However, it is important to get it from a branded company or a company with a good reputation, as all RFID blocking wallets are not manufactured in the same way.

Even the most effective RFID mesh can be destroyed by mishandling, or due to some user error. According to leather experts, a leather wallet can also be accompanied by RFID blocking shields. Many reputed companies like ours- Succor Trendz have been providing 100% genuine leather wallets at a very reasonable price along with RFID blocking shields.

Even though the RFID blocking wallets can prove to be helpful against cyber theft, it is also important for you to practice safe internet habits to keep exercising caution. Companies have started creating accessories that provide you and your cards with such protection.

They have started manufacturing shirts, jeans, wallets, pouches, passport cases and cardholders that have the RFID shield which helps in blocking the radio waves off an RFID reader.

Some people also try to do some DIY, such as wrapping their important cards in aluminium foil, which does work sometimes but one can not rely on its efficacy always. Here are some of the ways that can help you from Cyber thefts-

Control the access - When your card is encrypted or the access control to your card is OTP, biometrics and other personal encryption techniques, it gets difficult for the hacker to skim your card as they can’t access your data.

Look out for strange behaviour- RFID skimming doesn’t require direct physical contact with the card or the item that contains personal data, all it needs is proximity with the item concerned. So if someone is trying to get near to you during checkout or is acting strange around you be wary.

Make your passwords strong- The easiest and most-trusted security check is your password. Setting passwords is a very delicate step, as the passwords should be strong but not so long that you might forget them. One should always keep in mind that there should be at least 12 characters in your passwords; one upper case, one symbol, and one number,that might add up to make it strong.

What to do if you get RFID skimmed?

If somehow you do get RFID skimmed, and are losing all of your information there are some things you should do first-hand to protect your information or money. This is the list of things you need to do when skimmed-

  1. Contact The Company-

The first and most important step when your credit card has been skimmed, is to contact your credit card company so that they can immediately cancel your credit card account and number and prevent any further data loss. That is why it is important to be updated about the account and credit reports, so that if by chance there is any malicious strange activity, you can get a hold of it and contact the company.

  1. Contact The Bank-

In cases when the debit card has been skimmed, the first step should be to contact the bank and to ask them to assign a new number and account and to also enquire if there has been any activity on your account since your card has been skimmed. Any activity such as monetary transaction or ATM withdrawal should be reported immediately.

  1. Thoroughly Go Through Your Account-

If any of your information has been skimmed or compromised, you must change the access controls of your account. It is very easy for cyber thieves to creep into different accounts after gaining access to one.
The first step is to take your access and change the passwords or passcodes and to inform the cops. Also, take a brief look at the account information and see if any of the data has been shared with someone or transferred to somewhere.

  1. Contact The FTC ( Federal Trade Commission)-

whenever you fall victim to such RFID thefts or any digital theft, it is important to contact the FTC so that they could record the scam and help you. They could also provide you with solutions and tips that might come in handy to protect you from fraud.

  1. Invest In Some RFID Blocking Wallets Or Cardholders-

It is important to learn from your mistakes and to keep your data and money well protected. Investing in an RFID blocking wallet can help you secure your data and also work as a normal wallet.

RFID blocking wallets, pouches, and cardholders are gradually becoming today’s necessity and it is important that we also start changing with the changes in the world.

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