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Top 5 Wallet types for Men and which one suits you the best.

Top 5 Wallet types for Men and which one suits you the best.

Are you confused too and cannot decide which type of wallet to choose? Do not worry we’ve got you covered!! 

Wallet is something which we all need and has become a necessity. It helps us keep our cards organized and prevents us from losing them. Everybody might need a different wallet based on their requirements or preferences.  Here are the top five kinds of wallets for you to decide from, the best for yourself. 

        1) Travel wallet 

        Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is ideal for seasoned travellers, people who travel overseas for work, or anybody who wants to store all of their travel papers in one location.

For the busy traveller, these tall yet slender accessories are ideal for holding all of your boarding cards, passports, credit cards, a pen, vital cash currencies, driver's licence, credit cards, and more close at hand. A beautiful magnetic button is typically included in travel wallets to keep your documents safe and everything you need for travel arranged neatly in one spot. It is a leather wallet made of 100% genuine leather

     2) Bi-fold Wallet 

      Bifold Wallet

A billfold wallet is often bi-fold or tri-fold. They are the most popular wallets and are said to be timeless. Most bi-folds can contain all of your cash, cards, and other items you'll need on a regular basis, plus more. Bi-folds are sometimes referred to as the "go-to" wallet for those who want a wallet that fulfils their needs without requiring them to carry an enormous handbag. They are one of the most used men’s accessories.

     3) Slim Wallet 

      Slim Wallet

This kind of wallet is the latest in the market. Super thin wallets are ideal for those who just wish to carry the basic requirements. There is no bulge, simply pure comfort and function. Many modern men choose ultra-slender wallets for fashion reasons since they don't produce an unsightly bulge in their pockets. They are typically positioned in the front pockets, making them less vulnerable to pickpocketing.

      4) RFID Protected Wallet 


RFID is a cutting-edge digital technology that allows consumers to make safe payments without having to swipe their credit cards. The use of radio-frequency identification payment technology began in the late 1990s and has since expanded around the world.

Unfortunately, wireless technology has opened the path for criminals who are getting increasingly adept at sophisticated techniques of stealing your money and, more alarmingly, your identity. Fine mesh woven into the fabric of these wallets is composed of either copper or steel. The card is surrounded by an electromagnetic barrier as a result of this. They essentially block the signal of any would-be burglars, preventing access to sensitive data.

      5) Phone wallet 

If you're the type of person who keeps everything in their wallet, you might have considered putting your phone in there as well. With phone case wallets you can do just that. They are very hefty and are used by those who wish to have their basics all in one piece of leather. 

These are the top 5 wallet types and you can choose the one which suits you the best based on your requirement. We, at Succor Trendz, offer wallets for men and women that are made from 100% Genuine Leather, with designs that are timeless and detail finish that separates them from the ordinary. 

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