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Free Shipping Across USA | Get 10% Off On Your First Order!
The must-have features of an ideal Wallet

The must-have features of an ideal Wallet

A wallet is an essential statement accessory for both men and women. There could hardly be any person in this world who does not own a wallet. Because of its vast usage and versatility, they are available in ample designs and types.

Let’s see what are the features that separate a classy and ideal wallet from an ordinary wallet:

  1. Material and Quality:

Fine quality material is the most essential element that can make your accessories stand out from the common. Keeping that in mind, we create 100% genuine leather and the finest quality accessories like wallets that last long, have esthetic finesse and sharp outstanding design.

  1. Design and Capacity:

A wallet is meant to hold your confidential essentials like IDs, cards, currency notes and coins, keys, etc, which need to be kept intact and that's why an excellent design plays a crucial role when it comes to your wallet. Based on your specific needs, a suitable wallet should be able to accommodate all these items and yet look sleek.

Keeping all these necessary items in mind, we have created some spectacular wallets that will be your one place to reach out to and carry all your confidential essentials.

  1. Size of the wallet

While some of us like our wallets minimalist, the others might want to carry all their life’s baggage in it. So to suit your needs, we have created wallets with different designs, shapes and sizes. From the sleekest to the classiest, we have tried to present you with the best wallets with optimum space and the most trendy designs that compliment your style and fit well in your hands and pockets.

  1. Craftsmanship:

With people being more passionate and expressive of their tastes in their appearances, designing a quality product with finesse is like a survival skill to stay and grow in the market and we have taken care of it all. From the first cut to the finishing details, our works of art are created by experts and skilled craftsmen.

Since our products are elite and of superior quality, we are obsessed with going the extra mile to create the best and choose the best at every step. Hence, we visit all our factories every year to ensure that our craftsmen are well taken care of and their creativity and skill set are growing and flourishing.

  1. Exterior Pockets

A wallet mostly comes with a zip, a titch button or snap fasteners to secure your IDs and essentials. But one prefers a couple of things like travel cards, access cards/keys, etc. to be handy and that’s where an exterior pocket comes into the picture and plays its part.

It could also be used to place parking tokens/slips, etc. So next time when you are choosing your wallet make sure it has an external pocket too. It’s Okay! You can thank us later.


  1. It should have excellent quality material.
  2. Its design and capacity should fulfill your day-to-day carry requirements.
  3. The size should fit your hands and pocket at the same time accommodate what you would normally carry in your wallet.
  4. Never compromise on the finesse, detailing and craftsmanship. Investment in these will pay in times to come.
  5. An exterior pocket in a wallet will be a big support in times of quick urgencies.
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