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By Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

We all love Leather products, don’t we? Leather is an ultimate material, which brings out Class to any Outfit. And it is a very breathable, comfortable and long-lasting material. Leather Exports & Imports are done across the world. It has been used to make leather accessories such as; leather wallets, leather journals, leather pouches and leather clothes etc. since ages and is used by almost each and every culture in every country. There are many advantages of using Leather Products, some of them are :


  1. GOOD FRAGRANCE: Yes, you read it right, unlike synthetic fibre, 100% genuine leather material or pure leather material has its own decent fragrance. On the other hand, if we talk about synthetic material, its products release some sort of bad smell which we might not like our products to have.
  1. FLEXIBILITY: Leather never tends to hold its shape and therefore, it is considered as the most flexible material. With the passing time, leather clothes or shoes get more flexible and softer.
  1. ECO-FRIENDLY & BIODEGRADABLE: Unlike Synthetic Materials, pure and 100% genuine leather products are biodegradable and eco-friendly. This is because synthetic materials are chemically treated in a high amount, and it's making also causes water and air pollution. Now if we talk about leather, it is chemically treated in a very less amount as compared to synthetic materials and its making also doesn't affect the environment.
  1. STYLISH AND CLASSY: When in doubt, add a leather accessory to your outfit! We all agree to the fact that leather products or accessories add class and style to our outfits. And it makes us look reputable and classy in a very simple way.
  1. BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Though leather is considered as a very tough and hard fabric, on the contrary it's a very breathable fabric which makes it easier for people to wear it comfortably. Synthetic fabrics may cause rashes and itchiness to your skin whereas leather allows your skin to breathe.

As we know, that leather has a high durability especially, if it is made up of good quality or 100% genuine leather . But it stays durable only when kept with proper care and maintained well.
Now the question arises, how do we maintain leather products? So, we are here to solve this problem of yours by suggesting some of the smart tips to maintain your leather product.


  1. DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS TO STORE IT: Just like our own skin, leather also needs air to breathe. Usage of plastic bags to store it, may cause it to rot. Therefore, leather cannot be stored in plastic, as it also needs some sort of ventilation. So rather than storing it in a plastic bag, use a jute-based bag.
  1. MOISTURISE: Moisturizing your leather product not only just makes it softer but it also makes it shine and water resistant. It also helps to prevent cuts and scuffs.
  1. AVOID STORING IT IN HUMIDITY AND SUNLIGHT: Keeping your leather products in a humid place may affect it and cause wrinkles on its skin or mildew on it. So, it's better to keep your leather products away from heat/sun and in humidity. Instead keep them in a cool and dry place.
  1. DO CLEAN YOUR LEATHER PRODUCT: Always use a damp cotton cloth to clean your leather products, instead of using wet cloth. Brush can also be used to remove the dirt/dust particles from your product.
  1. SAY NO TO CHEMICAL BASED CLEANING PRODUCTS: Chemically based cleaning products may ruin the shine of your leather product and it may leave little visible scratches on your product. So, it's better to avoid chemical-based cleaning products and use products specially made for cleaning of leather.
  1. AVOID USING HEAT FOR DRYING LEATHER PRODUCTS: Using hair dryer or sunlight to dry your leather product may deteriorate it and cause it to shrink. So, instead of using any kind of heat to dry your leather product, keep it at room temperature to dry.

We understand that Leather products are valuable and they need care, just like our skin needs care. Therefore, in order to maintain your leather products, proper care is necessary. So that it lasts long and its quality remains the same. Hope this blog helps you to figure out how to maintain your leather products, as we have listed some of the smart tips to do its proper care.

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 Author's Bio

Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

I am a passionate entrepreneur with more than 3 decades of varied experience in Fashion, Lifestyle, Agri foods and Corporate Finance. I have an extensive background in Product Designing, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Exporting high fashion and Lifestyle goods along with a passion for developing high-quality Organic Foods and advising MME and Corporate clients on financial investments and risks.

After spending 26 years in the financial sector, I followed my passion for doing something for fashion & lifestyle. I started Succor Trendz in 2018 and aims to make it a global brand in the leather industry achieving an ambitious target of 5 million customers by 2026.


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