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Free Shipping Across USA | Get 10% Off On Your First Order!
Free Shipping Across USA | Get 10% Off On Your First Order!
Leather Essentials That Will Add to Your Fashion Style!

Leather Essentials That Will Add to Your Fashion Style!

By Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

There’s no limit to the number of items we want to own when it comes to leather accessories. Their texture, durability, and aesthetic look add to the style in our daily lives. You don’t even have to put in the effort to add leather to your style. You can do it just by possessing them. The best part about it? Leather never goes out of trend! Notable, isn’t it? Hence, investing in leather is never a waste.

Therefore, we took some time to create a list of a few leather items that you can add to your daily life and give yourself an exemplary look.

  1. Jackets: Styling is incomplete without a leather jacket in the wardrobe. I eagerly wait for winters to take out those fantastic pieces of fabric and slay all day long. However, there are excellent collections of leather jackets that we can wear during the summers as well. It not only uplifts the mood but also gives confidence and is comfortable. Pairing them with inner clothes is relatively easy as they go with almost everything.
  1. Boots: Most of us already own at least one pair of leather boots, so you already know how good they are. If you are someone who doesn’t own any or are planning to get one, go for it. Let me tell you why. To begin with, they are multipurpose and will go with almost every pair of your outfits. They are durable, easy to take care of, and there is so much variety of leather boots that you can create any look you want, be it from the 19th century or 21st century. The best part? They have a vast range of prices and come in all shapes and sizes. So, you won’t even need to worry about the budget. All in all, it is a deal no one should miss.
  1. Pouches: Now, if we are indulging in leather stuff, why stay limited to the clothing? If you are someone who carries stationery or related stuff or are travelling for a few days and needs pouches to organise stuff category-wise to keep them at their place, you can always go for leather pouches. They are lightweight and don’t occupy much space. Moreover, they add to the style.
  1. Bags: Choose any outfit, and your leather bag will complement it. Most people carry a bag with them wherever they go, be it office, college, or while travelling. As much as people use them to carry essentials, they have become a fashion essential over time. Leather bags have become an amazing part of the wardrobe, and the variety in this section is wide. You can find leather handbags, duffle bags, travel bags, and many more types in various colours.
  1. Wallets: No matter where we go, one of the two things that always stay with us is our wallet. It’s a basic necessity! So, why not be classy with something we carry everywhere and settle for anything less than a wallet made of 100% genuine leather? Our leather wallets also have RFID protection. It protects credit/debit cards from unwanted scans.
    To know more about why RFID protection is essential, read: What are RFID wallets and how can they help from cyber thefts?
  1. Mobile Cases: Another item we carry everywhere is mobile phones. However, they are expensive and delicate and need a cover to be protected from damage. So, while selecting a cover or a mobile case, why not opt for something leathery? Leather mobile cases might not be everyone’s first choice when selecting one, but there’s no denying that the leather provides additional protection. Most have space to keep cash and feel good to the touch too. However, most leather cases have ample space to keep both cash and cards, eliminating the need to carry a wallet.
  1. Passport Holders: While travelling abroad, you pack great stuff to shine in the photographs, from clothes and footwear to makeup and accessories. While your stuff is fashionable, don’t forget to give your passport a chic dressing with our luxury leather brand’s passport holders. They are made of 100% genuine leather and come with RFID protection. Moreover, they have space to hold multiple cards and an extra pocket and are suitable for both men and women.
  1. Journals: If you maintain a journal, like to doodle over pages or are into writing, then a leather journal is a must-have accessory. Journal is a personal space of your thoughts, and it is necessary that you connect to the stationery you are using. On the other hand, leather products are easy to connect to because of their aesthetic look and feel. Besides, journaling itself creates a peaceful and satisfying aura.
  1. Photo Albums: I know what you must be thinking after reading the heading. “Who keeps photo albums in the digital era?” right? Well, even though the style of capturing and saving memories has changed over the decades, we all love to store memories. Millennials have most of their childhood stored in photo albums their parents created. Going through those albums must be nostalgic and full of emotions. So, why not do it again and relive those memories with our parents and make our children experience how good it feels to fill those pages. It will happen if you decide to store their childhood in an album they can have when they grow up. If we have decided to store memories in an album, why not store them aesthetically? You can easily add an aesthetic feel with our leather photo albums. Moreover, you can make an incredibly thoughtful gift out of it! Just select photos, get them printed, make an album and gift it to your loved ones.

I hope this small list of leather accessories is of use to you. Clothes, accessories, notebooks and journals, everything can have leather, and still, it won’t be enough. To think of it, a leather belt will also be a good everyday accessory. We need a belt anyway, so why not change it to leather? Just remember, leather NEVER goes out of fashion!

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 Author's Bio

Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

I am a passionate entrepreneur with more than 3 decades of varied experience in Fashion, Lifestyle, Agri foods and Corporate Finance. I have an extensive background in Product Designing, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Exporting high fashion and Lifestyle goods along with a passion for developing high-quality Organic Foods and advising MME and Corporate clients on financial investments and risks.

After spending 26 years in the financial sector, I followed my passion for doing something for fashion & lifestyle. I started Succor Trendz in 2018 and aims to make it a global brand in the leather industry achieving an ambitious target of 5 million customers by 2026.


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