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How to choose the perfect wallet for men?

How to choose the perfect wallet for men?

Gone are those days when men didn’t have as many accessories to flaunt as women. Times are changing and now we have umpteen options for men too to choose from their favorite fashion items or accessories.

One such item, that is not confined to gender but is mostly used by men, is a Wallet. A lot of people prefer Wallets that are made with 100% genuine leather and remarkable finesse.

Even though they might appear to be small accessories, but they can bring a phenomenal difference in the way you look and carry yourself. That’s why we, at Succor, create these wonderful wallets that require great precision and artistic craftsmanship. Any customer, who is looking for a perfect leather wallet knows well about the various details to look for in a wallet and takes a lot of factors into consideration before investing in a fine wallet.

Let’s have a look at these features that can help you choose the perfect wallet for men:

  1. Bill Divider

A bill divider is an additional compartment between the currency compartment and the cards compartment. Its two currency pockets are used to store bills, side-by-side and also for keeping money. Although adding a bill divider in between the wallet will make it thicker, however, it is preferred to keep your stuff sorted and wallet clean.

  1. Coin Pouches

Usually, a coin pouch comes with the currency department with a zipper or foldover that keeps your coins in your wallet at a single spot. This helps you avoid the struggle of carrying coins in your pocket for accessing vending machines, etc. You can also use this pouch for keys, sim cards, etc. to avoid being misplaced.

  1. Exterior Clips

These are different from the money clips and are used for attaching the wallet to a lanyard or a belt. They can also come in handy if you wanna attach something like keys or a car fob.

Tip: While buying a wallet check for the sturdiness of the clip and how securely it is attached to the wallet.

  1. ID Casement

ID casement or ID window both are very helpful, especially in those times when you have to show your ID frequently. All one needs to do is pull out their wallet and flash it out.

Although in some cases different ids are needed at different times of the day. They’ll be needing to put it in the card compartment.

  1. Money Clips

Money clips are preferred when one wants his wallet to be slim and not thick and doesn’t need to carry more than ten bills only. They cut the thickness that is caused due to the excess layers thus reducing the bulk. The clips can add a bit to the thickness but only on one end.

Tip: On buying such a wallet, check the clip and how strongly it is attached to the wallet.

  1. Pull Tabs

A pull-tab is a very useful feature and is used when the person has a bundle of cards but they are not used often. The motive is to keep the most used cards in the regular pockets and the less used cards in the larger pocket.

When in need of one of the cards just pull out a tab that would stick out of the pocket depending on the pocket orientation.

  1. RFID Protection

Technology has advanced and thus the most useful feature in a wallet now-a-days is the one that protects our card identity and information from getting leaked. All of our passports and bank cards are operated via radio frequency so anyone who has access to a remote reader can scan it even if it is in your wallet or your pocket.

The RFID protection is a mesh-like material that is added to the wallet to stop the radio frequency from being captured by anyone. Thus, preventing the leak of any personal information.

There are pros and cons for every feature, and that is why whether you are a retailer or an individual looking for a perfect wallet for yourself or others, you can always opt for different features and customize your wallet as per your requirement or look for an already manufactured wallet that satisfies your needs.

We, at Succor Trendz, a premium leather brand, understand and are well versed with these unsaid expectations of customers and have created Wallets with 100% genuine leather that are uniquely designed to fulfill all your expectations, providing a safe case to keep your money, IDs and other valuables intact.

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