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How the industry is moving towards vegan leather.

How the industry is moving towards vegan leather.

Environmental issues are serious and need immediate and collective efforts. Therefore, an industry like leather could not be left behind. After all its production requires cruelties like- skinning animals for animal hide or even consuming animal skin from the butcheries- the by-product of the meat industry for leather production. The process of turning animal skins into leather also has a hazardous impact on the environment as it requires large amounts of energy, resources and emits harmful chemical gases.

Since the leather products are still in high demand and a popular purchase for many consumers, the industry is gradually moving towards vegan leather. It is even assumed that the consumption of leather products is going to rise in the future. In fact, according to a paper published by Science Direct in 2019, the leather trade in the US exceeds US$ 80 billion every year and might even go up as leather is being consumed more and used in everyday products such as cars, interiors, furniture, accessories and so on.

Therefore, to meet this gradual increasing demand in leather and to protect the environment and life of the animals, various people and brands across the world are working towards creating vegan leather, a cruelty-free and sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

Let’s have a look at 5 types of unique vegan leather options - alternatives to the traditional leather:

  1. Piñatex

Piñatex is a form of vegan leather made from pineapple leaf fibres and manufactured by Ananas Anam. It is 100% natural and environment friendly. Earlier, the pineapple leaves were discarded but now they are seen as a valuable and useful resource as the use of pineapple leaves in manufacturing Piñatex encourages pineapple farming and supports farmers.


  1. Leaf Leather

Leaf leather is one of the best and most eco-friendly forms of vegan leather as leaves are easily available in huge numbers. It is an absolutely cruelty-free option as it doesn’t require any toxic chemical treatments. In fact, creating leaf leather sheets only requires applying a polymer to preserve the leaves.


  1. Cork leather

A natural fibre that comes from a cork oak tree, cork is extremely durable and can have a lifespan around 300 years. Therefore, Cork leather is a sturdy and waterproof sustainable vegan leather option that provides lovely texture along with good looks.


  1. Recycled Rubber Leather

Recycled Rubber leather is an animal cruelty free vegan leather option that is durable and quirky. It is mostly used for hard-leather accessories, is easy to care for and lasts almost forever. It’s a good way to recycle discarded tyres, conveyor belts, fire hoses, etc.


  1. MuSkin- a Mushroom leather.

Isn’t Vegan leather getting fancier and tastier?

MuSkin is a type of vegan leather that is made from a type of fungus that can be grown to a specific size and shape. It is a completely organic textile that is softer than suede.

With so many vegan leather options in the market that provide traditional leather like look and durability, let’s pay attention to the products we use and be more selective and aware of our purchase.

Choose Vegan Leather, Choose Sustainability!

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