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Why should you choose the Leather Journal?

Why should you choose the Leather Journal?

“Journal writing gives us insights into who we are, who we were, and who we can become.”  – Sandra Marinella

Do you know what’s common between Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Frederick Douglass…?

-They all kept journals.

Their journals helped them record their thoughts and expressions, and thus we know what they were like to post their death with the publishing of their journals. We got an insight into their minds.

Sometimes there are a million thoughts that cross our minds at the same time. Yes, the brain is equivalent to the computer, but the sane human memory cannot store all the information and remember it. Hence, journaling.

You can have your style of journaling- some people like to scribble, some draw, some write down their favorite memory, others write down things they are grateful for, or even just a basic grocery list.

Journaling is a mere self-care practice.

“People who keep journals have life twice.” – Jessamyn West


Journaling can help you:

  1. Achieve your goals.

When you use your journal diary to record your aim, you can monitor your goals. This will help you remain responsible and fill in as a token of what you need to do to achieve them. Be specific about your needs and goals, and what you want to achieve.


  1. Improve self-confidence

Seeing your improvement can likewise give you genuine morale-boosting support. You feel pleased glancing back at the difficulties you confronted and notice how far you've come.


  1. Reduce stress levels

Noting down your feelings can help you release negative thoughts from your mind. As you compose, you may even think of an answer you hadn't considered previously. It is an unsaid therapy, helping patients with mental illness as a coping mechanism.


  1. Enhance creativity

The creative advantages of keeping a journal diary are additionally very much documented. You've probably heard that the most ideal approach to improve at anything is to simply continue doing it. That is very effective in enhancing and improving creativity.


  1. Better memory

According to the study conducted by The Journal of Experimental Psychology, shows how recording your contemplations can lessen interfering musings about negative events and improve working memory. Even the basic act of recording something tells your mind you need to recollect it. That is the reason journaling is a particularly compelling practice when learning something new.


There are several means of journaling-

  • Stream of consciousness
  • Dream journal 
  • Food journal
  • Fitness journal 
  • Gratitude journal
  • Sketch journal
  • Day’s events journal
  • To-do list


Why should you prefer a leather journal to record your thoughts?

Leather journals are preferably sturdier and substantial than the normal paperback ones. It also sets you a classier, more professional look with a leather journal in hand. You want your recorded thoughts and favorite memories to retain, and last a while longer.

Leatherback journals last longer than any normal paperback journal. You can revisit your journal and cherish your written memories.

Keeping a journal is the first step to building better habits, and you would want to build better habits with an ideal leather journal.


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