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Difference between a wallet and a cardholder and what is best for you?

Difference between a wallet and a cardholder and what is best for you?

Wallets are one of the most essential accessories that can help you create a remarkable and long lasting first impression. But for that you need to know your accessories well, and that’s why in the following article, we are going to cover the difference between a wallet and a cardholder as many of the people assume them to be the same.

But, before we start the article, we want you to ask yourself a question, that is,-- If you are a minimalist? A minimalist is a person who prefers to keep only the essential items, such as a couple of credit cards, driver’s license, etc. or do you also like to store some cash, family photos, travel documents, business cards, and more.

When struggling to choose between a wallet and a cardholder, it is better to decide whether you are planning to carry loose cash and/or other documents, or are you planning to travel light with a few cards and a driver's license.

With this decision, it will be easy for you to decide whether you want to invest your money in a well-crafted, 100% genuine leather wallet from Succor Trendz or a convenient and easy-to-carry cardholder. Now let’s take a look at some benefits of a wallet from a luxury leather brand or cardholder-

  1. Benefits of a Wallet

There isn’t any vast difference between a wallet and a cardholder other than that you can carry more items more securely in a wallet. A wallet is a more secure place to keep your important cards and documents.
A wallet gives you the freedom to carry important items such as your store and loyalty cards, cash, travel documents, identification cards, driver’s license, and more. It is important to carry some loose change, for when the cash does come in handy, these spare changes can be kept in the sealed or zipped compartments of your wallet.

  1. Downsides of Wallet

The most visible downside of a wallet is the size of the wallet. A wallet is much heftier than cardholders and does not fit well with skinny jeans or bottoms with small pockets. Wallets also tend to tear and leather could crease over time if the wallet isn’t handled properly. However, most products of some luxury leather brands such as Succor Trendz try to incorporate slim designs in their wallets. There is a wide range of luxury products for both maximal carry and minimal carry.

  1. Benefits Of Cardholder

A cardholder can be super compact and also versatile, as they are specially designed to hold slim cards and to fit perfectly within our pockets. Even though it is only capable of fitting half of the items of your wallet, due to its friendly size, it can also carry some loose change safely.
It can also be popped into your front and back pockets, making it easily accessible.

  1. Downsides Of Cardholder

When choosing a cardholder over a wallet, the only downside is the size. If you are a regular traveler, you have to carry around items of your need such as business cards, cash, important receipts, or some identification proof, which can not be carried around in a cardholder. Due to no concealed compartments, it isn’t safe to carry loose change or traveling tokens.

If in any case, you need an extreme organization of items at all times, it is preferable to carry both a wallet and a cardholder. Now that you know the difference between the two, which one are you going to choose for yourself? Check out our range of wallets from the list and let us know your reviews about it. 

At Succor Trendz, we hand craft products that suit your lifestyle and match your class so that you can Live Life with Succor.

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