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Free Shipping Across USA | Get 10% Off On Your First Order!
How to choose the perfect Wallet that suits your style

How to choose the perfect Wallet that suits your style

What do people look for while finding the perfect wallet for them? Is it the size? Is it the color? Is the storing capacity?

Well, the “perfect” wallet must have the following traits:

  1. It should be a perfect fit with your jeans, pants, or trousers. Observe your style closely and discover the wallet that suits you best. You can't pick a coat wallet if you never wear a trench or a coat.
  2. It needs to coordinate your requirements. If you are not too particular about the style, clearly a little wallet or a cardholder would be more fitting than a trifold wallet.
  3. It must be useful. These days, we as a whole need to carry such countless cards and documents with us. Ensure that the wallet you pick has enough openings and slots, and some safety to what’s inside. You don’t want your cards to fall off the moment you place them in your pocket.


Here are some different styles of wallets for you to choose from:

  • Bi-fold wallet

 The bi-fold wallet is compact yet comfortable. It is made to fit in a pocket. As rich as basic, it is appropriate both for men in suits and for those wearing pants and shirts.

Mint Exports supply dollar size wallets or Euro size wallets are bi-fold.

  • Tri-fold wallet

Somewhat more voluminous than the bi-fold one, the trifold wallet is the ideal style for a tidy and tight man.

This wallet is suggested for rich men, frequently ready to seem groovier and trendier than others do, without surrendering practicality. The essence of this wallet is that everything has its space. Two compartments with eight spaces for cards, one with a clip for bills.

  • Stingray bi-fold wallet

The stingray bi-fold wallet is without a doubt the ideal present for men who love extravagance. The charm of stingray leather isn't for all and not every person would like it. Despite the modern, sophisticated angle, stingray leather is exceptionally safe.

  • Cardholder

This one is appropriate for the one who considers wearing suits or coats an annoyance. This sort of man is a minimalist and when he steps out, tosses all his stuff in a friend’s bag.


If you happen to be one of these friends, you could gift your friend a cardholder. A thin, extra in and slim type of a wallet which he can put all the basics: Visas, license, and bills.


A wallet is without a doubt a personal gift. It should suit the owner’s personality and choice. In a real sense, the wallet holds your way of life as well as says a lot about you as an individual.

Thus, when it's an ideal opportunity to purchase men's wallet online, it is critical to realize what to search for.

There is a wide scope of men's leather wallets available and it's not in every case to find the right one to suit your necessities. Fortunately, Mint exports have an astounding choice of wallets covering a WHOLE of the fundamental styles, made with the absolute best leather away and at a cost anybody can bear.


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