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5 Things to Look for before you make a genuine Leather purchase

5 Things to Look for before you make a genuine Leather purchase

By Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

Leather accessories are an essential part of our routines, be it clothes, watches, wallets, handbags, shoes, or anything else. We feel proud and satisfied to carry soft, light-weight leather. However, are you sure the products you think are made of pure leather are actually pure? Nowadays, multiple manufacturers are selling similar looking fabrics or fabrics containing only a part of pure leather at much lower prices. They mislead customers by saying that the product is made of genuine leather and owns a considerable market share due to low product prices. The good thing is that faux leather cannot have the finish and the texture the same as genuine leather; therefore, it is possible for buyers to identify the stuff on their own.

5 Things to Look for before you make a genuine Leather purchase

  1. Check the label: Luxury leather brands that manufacture products made of pure leather will always mention it on the label to let people know about it. There might be some brands who make false claims of pure leather on the tags to mislead customers or use 10-20 percent of pure leather and claim it to be 100% genuine, but if the label doesn’t claim the product to be of pure leather, then it is not. Like this, you can eliminate a large volume of product that looks like leather but isn’t.
  1. Feel the texture: The texture of the leather tells a lot about it. We are aware that leather comes from animal hides, so pure leather will have uniqueness and imperfections just like the skin. Check the surface for uneven grains and pours. A plain surface and smooth and perfect texture indicate the machine-made fabric. Press the leather. It is a good sign if it wrinkles and creases, just like the skin.
  1. Smell it: The smell test is another way to find whether the leather is pure or not. Leather is processed from the animal hide and thus smells like it, whereas faux leather smells like plastic. The difference in the smell is quite apparent. However, if you are unsure of how the 100% Genuine Leather smells, smell a product from a trusted seller, and you will know the difference.
  1. Water test: Another method to test the purity of leather is a water test. Pour a drop or two on the surface and see if it absorbs water. If the leather is pure, it will absorb the water in a few seconds, whereas, in machine made artificial leather, the water will remain on top. Just like the skin, leather is absorbent. In some cases, if the leather has a polished finish, the absorbency will be less, not completely gone.
  1. Is rarely cheap: If you are up for purchasing leather products, remember, good quality leather products are rarely cheap. A leather wallet can cost from $20 to $45.

Types of leathers!

Let’s talk about the types or levels of real leather. Yes! There are various varieties of leather with different ranges of luxury.

  1. Full Grain Leather: It is top quality leather and resides in the category of most luxurious products. This leather is the top layer of the animal skin and is the toughest and most reliable. Moreover, each piece of leather has unique characteristics, shades, and colors that are the same as the skin. It is difficult to procure it from the animal and manufacture the thin yet tough layer. So naturally, it is the most expensive kind of leather too.
  1. Clothing: How can we talk about leather accessories and not take into conversation clothing? Your wardrobe is incomplete without some leather, per se, a jacket, belt, shoes, and watches. These are the use-daily products and slay all day. They are not merely a style statement but also very comfortable to wear and boost confidence. The best part is you can find leather wear effortlessly, and most of it goes with almost all the color types of clothing.
  1. Top Grain Leather: Top grain leather comes second on the line of finest leather quality. The second layer of the animal hide is extracted to form top grain leather. The products made out of it also lie under the category of luxury. Naturally, this layer of leather is smoother and easier to work upon; therefore, the prices of top grain leather are comparatively lower. It is also a go-to leather for people who look for high-quality leather.
  1. Genuine Leather: After removing the grainy hide, the softer part of the leather is extracted to manufacture genuine leather products. They are easy to manufacture and work upon. Moreover, it is easier to manufacture a variety of products due to its softness and therefore is cheaper. Remember, in the world of leather, “genuine” does not define “pure.” Instead, it is a type of leather.
  1. Bonded Leather: Bonded leather, as the name suggests, is a collection of leather cuttings from manufacturing. The pieces are pasted (or bonded) together with adhesive to form a piece, and then products are developed. The shavings used can be of full grain leather, top grain leather, or genuine leather, but the quality remains low, and the products are cheaper. Usually, smaller and less-used items are created from it. However, purchasing products made of bonded leather is not recommended.

Of course, all of these are pure leather only with differences in quality and prices. Be wary of the fact that the seller can claim a product to be of full grain or top grain leather when only some percentage of it is used during manufacturing.

To sum up, there are more ways to check the purity of the leather, such as checking the edges and creases for imperfection. Pure leather has imperfections and grainy substances.

A fire test, though not recommended as it can ruin the product, is also a method to test the genuinity of the leather. If you light the flame for around five seconds, the leather will slightly turn black and smell a bit, whereas the faux leather will completely catch the flame. However, it is not a recommended test for new products. If you are getting rid of old products such as leather pouches, you may test (under safe circumstances) them for purity.

If you wish to add a few high quality pure leather accessories to your collection, be it a wallet or a leather journal, look at what Succor Trendz has to offer. We have an enticing collection.

 Author's Bio

Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

I am a passionate entrepreneur with more than 3 decades of varied experience in Fashion, Lifestyle, Agri foods and Corporate Finance. I have an extensive background in Product Designing, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Exporting high fashion and Lifestyle goods along with a passion for developing high-quality Organic Foods and advising MME and Corporate clients on financial investments and risks.

After spending 26 years in the financial sector, I followed my passion for doing something for fashion & lifestyle. I started Succor Trendz in 2018 and aims to make it a global brand in the leather industry achieving an ambitious target of 5 million customers by 2026.


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