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11 Ways to Keep Tabs on Your Personal Growth with Journaling!

11 Ways to Keep Tabs on Your Personal Growth with Journaling!

By Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

Many people struggle with the idea of journaling, and many underestimate the positive impact it can have on one’s life. Journaling is like meditating, and we need to do it because we want to and not because we have to. There are no set rules about writing in a journal, and it is a personal choice and unique for everyone. 

If done right, it can have a tremendous effect on life and help keep track of personal growth. How to journal is a personal choice, but there are a few things you need to take care of if you are journaling with the aim of personal growth. Don’t take anyone’s suggestions at face value. If it worked for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you as well, and similarly, if it didn’t work for them, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

In this article, we list a few suggestions that will guide you on the beautiful journey. Whether you implement all of them or some is up to you.

  1. Be Real: The most important aspect of journaling is, to be honest. A journal is an inner reflection of a person writing in it. Initially, you might find it tough to be absolutely true even though no one is going to read what’s written. That’s the beginning of personal growth. To be truthful to the self. You might be thinking, what’s the difficulty in being honest to the self, but it’s not as simple as it might seem. This realization will be the beginning of your personal growth.
  1. Add a Dose of Gratitude: Being grateful goes a long way. We are in an era where we spend hours on social media, look for validations through likes and shares, and crave the life we see others living on social media. With all these surrounding us, being grateful for what we have and celebrating little things surrounds us with positive energy and we feel fulfilled.

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  1. Manifest Dreams: Write about your dreams and goals in your journal. The more you write and talk to yourself about it, the closer they will feel. It will create an atmosphere where you will be motivated and action-driven. You will feel the energy to take steps toward them and write about it in the journal.
  1. Use Good Stationery: Good stationery is a healthy start to journaling, and it has an exotic feel to it. Invest a bit in good stationery. Feeling good and connected to the journal you are going to share all your secrets with is essential. See what kind of journal you like. For me, it is a leather journal from a luxury leather brand.
  1. Be Positive: Write positive things about yourself. You are capable, and you know it! Write it down repeatedly! Write about everything you want until you start believing it wholeheartedly. Feeling positive about yourself is the key to a happy life.
  1. Reflect: Another essential part of journaling is self-reflection. Acceptance is the beginning. Working on the negative and enhancing the positive should be the mantra. Analyze where you are going wrong and what is working in your favor. Question yourself and ask what you can do to change the wrong and what else you can add to the right.
  1. Set Goals with Realistic Deadlines: Cut down your goal into smaller short-term ones and give yourself realistic deadlines to complete them. For example: If your goal is to finish writing a book in a year, give yourself a daily/weekly word target and track how it is going. Reward yourself for sticking to it for a few months by gifting yourself some leather accessories or whatever you like.
  1. Create a Roadmap: Curate a road map or a detailed plan on how you will work towards your goals. List down your weaknesses and strengths and plan accordingly. Writing in detail helps at difficult times and enables you to maintain a balance since you exactly know what you need to do.
  1. A Letter to your Future Self: Start the journey of journaling by writing a letter to your future self. Write a letter and place it at the end of your journal. Give yourself a message and make a promise you will keep. Go back to it at the year end and see what changed over time.
  1. Track the Growth: Track the progress after regular intervals, find out your lacking areas, and work on them. Spend more time doing what makes you happy and productive.

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  1. Don’t Over Do: If you are new to journaling, don’t overdo it by trying to do it all together. All of the above points may seem attractive to you, and we understand if you want to do it all at once. But it might exhaust you, and you might end up giving up journaling altogether. Start with little and gradually add points as you become comfortable in it. Take your time and go at your own pace.

We tried our best to provide you with a pretty comprehensive list of all the things you can do with a journal to keep tabs on your personal growth. How you do it depends on you. If you are someone who has never experienced anything related to journaling, reading through the article might have given you a good idea of what to do. Gratitude and manifestation are two extremely powerful tools to get a hold of life for good, and a journal becomes the platform to use the tools. Not to mention, deciding to journal regularly is also a step closer to personal growth.

Ask yourself where you see yourself after a year from now and work to achieve the goal. Let a journal be your companion in the journey. It will take you closer to your dreams and will help you improve your relationships.
Journaling could be your path towards discovering yourself if you will allow it to be.

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 Author's Bio

Ravi Taneja (Co-founder & Partner Succor Trendz)

I am a passionate entrepreneur with more than 3 decades of varied experience in Fashion, Lifestyle, Agri foods and Corporate Finance. I have an extensive background in Product Designing, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Exporting high fashion and Lifestyle goods along with a passion for developing high-quality Organic Foods and advising MME and Corporate clients on financial investments and risks.

After spending 26 years in the financial sector, I followed my passion for doing something for fashion & lifestyle. I started Succor Trendz in 2018 and aims to make it a global brand in the leather industry achieving an ambitious target of 5 million customers by 2026.


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